Stonepelt is a gray tabby tom, with a long scar on his shoulder, and a broad head.

Kit LifeEdit


Apprentice LifeEdit


Warrior LifeEdit

Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

He is seen sleeping in the Warriors Den when Bluekit and Snowkit leave the Nursery for the first time. They both hide in the Warriors Den when bluekit bumps into him on accident and wake him up. He scolds them, and then asks them if they're looking for Stormtail, the kits father. But Stormtail is out on hunting patrol, so he decides to talk to the kits himself, reminding them that clanmates always learn from each other.

When the two kits finally meet Stormtail, they are disappointed that Stonepelt comes back to camp instead of their father. At Leopardkit and Patchkit's apprentice ceremonies, he sits next to Speckletail and later Moonflower, Snowkit and Bluekit's mother. Stonepelt then asks her if the kits are with her, and her reply is yes, as they're sitting next to her. Moonflower then asks what the meeting is about, but Speckletail can reply before Stonepelt. He is later seen when there has been reports of WindClan in ThunderClan territory, remarking that leaf-fall is probably forcing them to hunt in ThunderClan territory. He is then given Bluepaw to mentor. He tells Bluepaw she still can't go in the Warriors Den.

On Bluepaw's first day training, she gathers moss. He shows her how to gather it with his claws to demonstrate.

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